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What we do and how we do it

The herbal laboratory Al Naturale specializes in the production of natural food supplements made with honey, propolis and medicinal plants, that encapsulate nature’s strength and provide natural wellbeing. Find out more about our products.

Made in Italy

Our strength lies in the high quality of our raw materials. All our suppliers are local and provide ingredients of the best quality. Strictly selected ingredients mixed with the sweetness of honey and herbal plants is our recipe to produce the best natural food supplements on the market.

BIO certificate


We are also proud to provide our clients with organic certified products as our laboratory has the authorization to work process and sell organic food supplements. Find more about our organic products.

Qualified personelle



The entire process is followed by qualified personnel that closely watch each step from arrival of the ingredients to processing,  packaging and shipping of the final product. 

Our company will soon be expanding to a new site, where production can reach 10.000 items per day between food supplements and cosmetics. 

Close to the environment, our goal is to use the treasures from the hive such as honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly in order to give you the most of these natural wonders. 

We can surely guarantee that our products are natural, filled with properties from both the hive and nature, and most importantly made in Italy. 

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